Safety Rules

1. Always have your AMA card, FAA registration and ensure you are listed on the posted CORCS membership roster. If you are not listed on the roster but have paid you dues, please contact one of our officers to correct the issue.

2. All engines (except electric)  must have a muffler.

3. Be aware of your surroundings, no starting west of the tables, taxiing behind pilots on the flight line, etc.

4. Do not fly west of the flight line or over the pits at anytime.

5. Dead stick aircraft have the right of way at all times.

6. Do not overfly Lloyd Noble, the Boat house or tennis courts at anytime.

7. No flying on OU home game days and use caution when Lloyd Noble parking lot is occupied.

8. All new members or guests must be approved by a CORCS soloed pilot prior to flying solo.

9. Low level and high speed passes are limited to the east side of the paved runway.

10. Turbine powered aircraft are prohibited.

11. FPV pilots must have an observer present.

12.Fliers must adhere to all CORCS, AMA and FAA rules at all times.

13. Use the trash cans and help keep the field clean.



Guest Policy

Guests will be welcome to fly a model aircraft from this field for a total of four (4) days. Guest pilots must have a valid AMA license on his or her person at the time of flying and be registered with the FAA.  They must also be accompanied by a current and qualified dues paying member and shall be subject to all CORCS, AMA and FAA rules.

Updated: 04/27/2016

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