How to Join


Membership in CORCS is accomplished by completing a CORCS Membership Application and mailing with payment to PO Box 5554 Norman, OK 73070. Club membership fees include an initiation fee, and vary depending on the type of membership. Club membership fees include field mowing and maintenance, club cookouts and other events, frequency pins and other club related activities and expenses.

Membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is required for all flyers. Membership in AMA is separate from club membership and requires mailing an application with payment to AMA’s corporate office. AMA membership fees vary depending on the type of membership. AMA membership includes liability insurance, a monthly magazine (Model Aviation) and various other benefits offered by the organization. AMA Membership forms are available on the AMA website, and you can even join online.


Guests will be welcome to fly a model aircraft from this field for a total of four (4) days. Such person must have a valid AMA license on his/her person at the time of his/her flights and be accompanied by a dues paying member and shall be subject to all rules to this Constitution and By-laws.

See the Contact information if you have other questions or would like to contact a club officer.

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