CORC’s Monthly Meeting, Mar 8, 2023

CORC’s Monthly Meeting, Mar 8, 2023
• Minutes – Feb 8 Meeting Minutes, approved
• Review Club Budget –

• Runway crew came and sealed cracks on north end of runway.
• Updates to website
o Kirk working on adding paypal capability to website for online registration.
o Approximately $100 needed for updates to software - APPROVED
Flight Safety
• Very good so far, good job observing Lloyd Nobel activities and staying within field
boundaries. Stay vigilant.
• Boundaries of field – Discussed in previous meeting. Posted on our bulletin board at the
• Daylight savings – March 12, more afternoon flying, observe Lloyd Noble conditions, ROTC, and
other activities for increased safety awareness
Fun Flys
• Spring 40th a24
o Robert O’Conner to assist with coordinating with VA
o Will discuss more at April meeting
Work day
• April 29
• Randy Volunteered to make a template for striping
• More discussion on work items next meeting
Member Suggestions
• Signage
o Signage design completed and submitted by Mr. O’Conner – all APPROVED
o Will proceed with printing. Will be a sticker/decal affixed to one side of a metal

o Will place at each end of field (north/south) in prominent location
• FPV Frequency Board
o Tony Giustozzi – In work, nothing new to report at this time
Special Topic
• Clint Trowe – Did a great job of show and tell mini-class on gas engine powered aircraft
with special emphasis on safety
Next meeting April 12, 2023
• Will be held at flying field at 6:30pm
• Show up early and get some flying in

CORC’s Monthly Meeting, Feb 8, 2023


CORC’s Monthly Meeting, Feb 8, 2023


• Minutes – Jan 11 Meeting, approved or at least no objections

• Review Club Budget –

o 48 members paid up

• Runway Striping – Runway striping will have to be something that we do on a work day as too

much time passed for hope of follow up service with contractor

o John Harwell has some technical know how and might be able to lead work crew on

CORCS workday – to be scheduled in future

• Daylight savings – March 12, more afternoon flying, observe Lloyd Noble conditions, ROTC, and

other activities for increased safety awareness

• AMA – Pete emphasized policy on having AMA current. Our club policy is to have AMA current

before you fly. This is especially important since we have that promised to OU. We can have

some flexibility on membership dues, but AMA up to date is absolute must.

Aviation Day 2023 – Sep 8-9 At Max Westheimer

• Planning meeting was held Jan 31, 2023 at Weather Center

• Sept 8-9, 2023 is date set at this time

• CORCS and many members of larger community attended

• AOPA Host – Expect Larger event

• CORCS invited – Static displays for sure,

o Flying not known at this time due to safety and space

• Plans to shutdown one runway to allow for aircraft parking

• Will email out current information packet and notes, and follow up with future information

as it is learned

Flight Safety

• Noted BB seasons ends in March, but other events such as graduations will be held at Lloyd


o Any known significant events will try and post on CORCS fb

o Observe actual parking lot conditions at the time you fly

o If parking is full, policy is no flying during that time

• Boundaries of field –

o Dave Patterson passed out map depicting safe boundaries of the field.

o Map will be displayed at field on bulletin board

o Help each other to observe boundaries when flying

• Noted that a number of claims seem to be either incorrect reporting or possibly mistaken


o One report identified aircraft over weather center parking lot, however,

investigation concluded it would be unlikely a line of site control from CORCS would

even be possible

o Another recent report from Baxter to Tinker had aircraft on collision course with

AWACS. Noting clear approach altitudes, seemed unlikely in even close to normal

RC flying

o Worth noting, even when flying within all of our rules, there can be an appearance

to public bystander of a safety concern, so if police arrive at our field please politely

address their concerns and reports and note our safety policies - if we erred

apologize and promise to correct.

• Policy on jet flying reviewed

o Several Jet pilots noted that current jets could not stay within boundaries of CORCS


o Jet restrictions to remain – no jets at CORCS

o Turboprobs questioned – since no one has one it was sort of left on the table

Fun Flys

• Feb Valentines – No Go due to weather predictions

• Spring 40th Anniversary Fun Fly

o Late May early June

o $200-$300 approved for food etc at discretion of club Treasurer

o Thinking of regional type event

o If outside pilots come as guest, need rigorous safety considerations

o Inspect all aircraft, Possibly Clint and Craig Trowe to volunteer

o Limit four aircraft flying at a time

o Have observer with pilot at each flying station

• Fall, funfly for Sep – Oct timeframe

o Have to coordinate with football, Lloyd Nobel etc


• Kirk Henderson Volunteered for duties relating to managing website – club APPROVED.

Thank you to Mr. Henderson to step in. Mr. Travis Smith will still continue in these duties

also as time allows. Thanks to both in continued service to CORCS.

Member Suggestions

• Signage

o Discussed need for additional signage to warn by passers of low flying RC aircraft

o Club APPROVED adding signage at sound and north end of field at solar panel and

power boxes respectively

o Robert O’Conner and Kirk Henderson volunteered to take lead on getting signs

installed and Robert has a sign maker that could help

o Believed that red on white would work well since that is what our current warning

signs look like

o Wording of signs to be reviewed by field safety officer, Dave Patterson

• FPV Frequency Board

o Tony Giustozzi expressed need for frequency board for FPV

o Club APPROVED converting old Frequency Board to FPV frequency board

Special Topic

• RC Jets (Keith Smith)

o Keith Smith did a special presentation on jet flying. Many thanks to Mr. Smith

• For the March meeting Mr. Dave Patterson has volunteered to do special talk on


Next meeting Mar 8, 2023