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July 2007 Meeting Minutes Posted: July 11, 2023

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Though we gathered for a meeting tonight, our regularly scheduled meeting turned into an impromptu work day for the club in light of the mass of fallen tree limbs. The only official business we managed to complete was to award the Model of the Month to young master Ryan Farmer who showed his World Models Sky Raider.

Ryan’s Sky Raider is powered by an OS .46AX glow engine. Ryan has been flying it for the last few weeks with the help of his dad. Good job Ryan!

We also have a late addition to this month’s event schedule: Chad Stinson wants to host a float fly at his house on July 22.  Be there!

The rest of the meeting time was spent cleaning up the mess left behind by the storm earlier this week. Several members brought tools to help cut the fallen limbs and trailers to haul away the debris.

Sadly, a good portion of the shade that we have enjoyed for so many years is now gone and what’s left may not be around for long. We’ll have to see how the remaining trees recover. Thanks to everybody who pitched in and helped out with the chain saws, hauling off of debris and sweat. For more pictures, check out this gallery.

Float Fly at Chad’s

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July 22, 2023
1:00 pmto6:00 pm

Float fly at Chad’s

Take hwy. 76 south out of Blanchard to hwy 76 hwy 39 junction…
Go west 3 miles to county street 2970…
Go north one mile to tee…
Turn right (east) go 3/4 mile to dead end….
Turn north, follow drive to lake

Chad Stinson’s 

Directions to Chad Stinsons property

July Meeting Reminder Posted: July 10, 2023

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Reminder: Wednesday night is the July meeting! Please come to discuss future plans and events, bring a plane for Model of the Month and show and tell, and do some flying!

Happy 4th of July! Posted: July 4, 2023

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I hope everybody enjoyed the cookout and flying today, the weather was unseasonably nice and the food was great! Let’s give a big thank you to everybody who cooked and worked so hard to put it all together.

Here’s a link to some pictures from tonight in the picture gallery. Philip DelNero’s new LT-40, which he hasn’t quite finished yet, is equipped with over 60 LEDs in red, white, blue and green. It’s really a sight to behold and I can’t wait to see it flying at night!

RSVP for 4th of July Cook ‘n Fly Posted: June 19, 2023

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4th of July Family Outing/fun-fly, night fly/”fire works watching” event is going to be a good one that you don’t want to miss. Food has been arranged with everyone else donating $5.00 for adults, $7.50 for a couple and $1.00 for kids is a steal. If by some miracle we show a profit the proceeds will go toward the Air Show deficit. HOWEVER, WE NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING SO WE CAN BUY ENOUGH FOOD AND DRINKS FOR EVERYBODY…

On the menu is smoked brisket, fried turkey and other goodies.

This is a family event, everyone is invited!

If you are coming, please respond by e-mailing rsvp@flycorcs.com with how many people you’re planning to bring. The deadline to respond is June 27th (1 week before the 4th).

June Meeting Reminder Posted: June 12, 2023

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Just a quick reminder, Wednesday night is the June meeting!

Click here for meeting info.

Frequency Pins Available Posted: June 7, 2023

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Jerry Church advises that all paid members (as of Memorial Day weekend) have had their frequency pins ordered from the engraver. If you have not received your pin you can probably find it waiting for you on the transmitter impound.

About Protected Posts Posted: June 6, 2023

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On the new website you will see some posts listed as “protected” (like the roster below) and require you to enter a password to see them. Here’s how to view them…


Under construction… Posted: June 5, 2023

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CORCS members….

The website is undergoing a bit of a redesign right now, but for the time being, everything is still where it was before.

The forum is still here….
The photo gallery is still here….

Thanks for your understanding.


May 2007 Minutes Posted: May 9, 2023

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CORCS May 9, 2023
Meeting Minutes
Secretary: Justin Greenfield