Lloyd Noble Center Upcoming Events

As per our agreement with OU the flying restrictions for the upcoming events at the Arena are as follows:

3-26-16 POW WOW starts at 1.00pm so no flying after NOON. I don’t know when it finishes. This is a Friday

4-8-16 Eve of Nations. This is listed as an “All Day Event” so no flying on that Friday.

From time to time you may observe OU students working on their DBF (design build and fly) project . This project is being monitored by Dr. Thomas Hays, Professor of OU Aerospace Engineering and flown by Chip from the Sooner Squadron. Every flight is a maiden so we should give them the sky at these times and in the long time tradition of the club we should render assistance if asked.

Have fun, I’ll see you at the field.

Lloyd Noble Arena

By Pete Sinclair

I had an excellent meeting this morning with Deputy Chief Ray of the OU Police Department to discuss flying at our Facility. In a nutshell, there is a heightened awareness to any model flying in the vicinity or on campus. There have been a number of instances recently where drones have been observed flying around campus. Although none of these instances can be attributed to our members these irresponsible incursions have an effect on all who fly radio control aircraft and in particular our club. In order to maintain our impeccable reputation for safety and compliance Chief Ray has suggested. and I agree, that we should make a slight change to our flying at the club field. We have agreed that we will restrict our flying to one hour before an event and until one hour after it is over. This is in addition to not flying on OU home football games. As a general rule we should not fly when the Lloyd Noble parking lot is obviously full. I will plan to email the membership when OU is hosting an event at the Arena but if in doubt you should go to the Lloyd Noble webpage (lloydnoblecenter.com) and check the schedule. For example, there are two upcoming events:-

OU Men’s Basketball on March 1st at 7.00pm. No flying after 6.00pm.
OU WGYM on March 4th at 6.45pm. By agreement we should not fly after 5.45pm.

Other events, like the OU Convocation ceremonies, an all day affair therefore no flying on that day. Norman High graduation is another example.

Summer will be here before we know it and the campus will be closed during the main part of our flying season so this new agreement should not be a burden.

Please check our website and Facebook page regularly for any new announcements.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our Air Show and Open House on Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll have the actual dates closer to the event but it is possible, weather cooperating, that we will be flying Saturday and Sunday, some folks have to work Monday. And, thanks again to all who were able to respond on short notice to help spread the dirt around our runway, an excellent job by all. Please keep in mind that many of our members responded that they wanted to help but couldn’t change their schedules.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Your Club Officers.