News from this month’s meeting

First, the president of CORCS, Wayne Shalamunec, wanted to remind everyone about this year’s dues and to encourage all outstanding members to please have them paid by the middle of February.

Next, treasurer Jerry Church went over the current finances for the month. There was only one expense for annual maintenance of the CORCS web site. Except for a few payments submitted during the meeting, no income was received.

Then, Wayne asked our members for new and exciting ideas for this year’s events. (Those who were unable to attend and would like to participate may do so using the comment section of this page. We look forward to your ideas!) Here are some of the suggestions so far:

  • Evening/Night Flight
  • Bi-Wing Flight (any type of bi-wing aircraft)
  • Field trip to Stafford Air & Space Center in Weatherford
  • Guest speaker to present the history of radio-controlled flying

Finally, the Model of the Month went to James Farris and Thomas Wood for their joint collaboration on a Tiger 60.

Jim Farris & Tom Wood proudly display their Tiger 60.
(Thanks to Jerry Short for the photograph.)

Model of the Month - January 2010