November 2008 Meeting Minutes

November Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2022 - 7:10PM

Treasurer’s Report - Jerry Church: Same as last month, nothing in, nothing out.

President’s Report - Wayne Shalamunec: New 2009 membership application handout

Fred from OU - looking at UAV stuff for OU school aerospace/meteorology, place 26 miles south of norman, Kessler farm, he has purchased 2 trainers and 2 zagis for his students to build and fly.

Dan Weber is not running for VP next year, he is getting married in May. Congratulations to Dan and Leigh.

Officer elections for 2009:

Wayne Shalamunec: re-elected presdient by acclamation
VP and Safety Officer: Mark Williams
Secretary: Justin Greenfield
Treasurer: Jerry Church

Votes cast for CORCS of the year and builder of the year

Model of the Month
Gordon McNiven’s Beaver - rebuilt fuse, flies better on 3 cells, LEDs, flies in the dark, flies off the water

Habib - gordon’s cub design, mostly built by habib

Adjourned at 7:50