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August 2008 Meeting Minutes Posted: September 8, 2022

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August Meeting Minutes

Reminder - August 23, Veterans Center Float Fly, 1PM. At 6:30 that evening Jerry Church is going to a party for former member Joey Thibodeaux who is being deployed to Japan for 3 years.

Treasurer’s Report

$xxx Checking
$xxx income ($xxx dues, $xxx initiaition fees)
$xxx to Rick Page for new club trainer
$xxx to Eric Wenger for trash dumping fees
$xxx to SharpCut - June
$xxx to SharpCut - July (-36.00 for club dues)
$xxx to CD
$xxx expenses total
$xxx checking balance
$xxx CD

President’s Report

Labor Day Cookout - After discussion it is decided that pizza would be easier than cooking.

Oct 12 - Veterans Center Float Fly is scheduled.

Wayne is assigned to find a spot for the Christmas party.

Show & Tell

Gordon shows off his club pylon racer designs and is offering to cut parts for anyone in the club who wants one.

Rick Page shows his heavy-duty starter using an 18V Li-Ion Makita drill battery, adapter machined by A Finer Edge Manufacturing. Very nice.

John Harwell shows a beautiful set of floats he has finished, Great Planes 40 sized. They have custom aluminum mounts, thanks to Philip, and glassed bottoms. He has also applied a spray-on rubber coating to the tips for bumpers. He plans to mount them on a Hangar 9 Cub.

No model of the month.


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