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March 2008 Minutes Posted: March 12, 2023

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March Meeting Minutes
March 2008

Meeting called to order at 7:07 PM

Jerry Church - Treasurer’s Report

February Report -
xxxx.xx beginning balance
xxxx.xx dues
xxxx.xx hats
xxxx.xx initiation fee
xxxx.xx donation
xxxx.xx to Jerry Church for printing application forms
xxxx.xx gate lock
xxxx.xx name tags
xxxx.xx AMA plaques
xxxx.xx initiation fee to C/D

xxxx.xx checking balance
xxxx.xx C/D balance

March Report -
xxxx.xx beginning balance
xxxx.xx income
xxxx.xx to C/D

xxxx.xx checking balance
xxxx.xx C/D balance

47 paid members to date

Pins made for all but 6 at this point.

President Wayne Shalamunec (wshal@usa.net)

Discussion about the Air Show: With so many members out of town on Memorial Day weekend for various other activities, it has become hard to get enough volunteers to share the work load of prepping for the air show. Motion made and approved to replace the Memorial Day Air Show with a fun fly event on a different weekend TBA.

Discussed Philip’s proposed new sign. Much input from members in attendance was given, ranging from where to put the sign, the layout of the sign, but most discussion was concerning the size of the sign. After lengthy discussion a motion was made and approved that Wayne and Jerry will take a drawing of the sign to OU for approval and Philip will build a sign a bit larger than originally designed (as large as he can with the materials on hand).

Last month, Rick Page was assigned to look into designs for new steel tables. He reported back this month with a design for a powder coated steel 4×8 table which would cost $300 to construct and install. The idea of wooden starting stands was also discussed. A motion was made and approved to build 2 of the new steel tables to replace the badly damaged tables at the far ends of the pits, and a motion was made and approved for Eric Wenger to replace 2 more table tops with new plywood.

Other news

Jerry Short brought his PBY Catalina which is under construction.
Eric Wenger will be competing in a combat meet this weekend in Forth Worth, TX.
John Harwelll brought some wooden floats he built from an Ikon N West kit. They’re built to fit on a large Beaver he has been building for the last several years.
Eric also brought a Diamond S kit, a 40-powered delta wing that will do about 120mph as is, and up to 180mph with a tuned pipe. Wow!
Dan Weber brought a Top Flite Holy Smoke delta wing that he bought in Wichita last weekend at the swap meet.
Gordon brought a Phase 3 F-16 electric ducted fan which he acquired in a trade from another member. After some modifications and lightening it flies great.

Adjourned at 8:43 PM.


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