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New Sign Proposal Posted: February 20, 2023

Posted by Webmaster in : Club News , trackback

Proposed new signageHere is the proposed design for the new sign that Philip DelNero is building for the club.

Things to note, from Phil:

1. These are not necessarily the colors we would use, it is only intended to create contrast between the components making up the sign.
2. The CORCS logo will be seen from both sides and the area of the frame will be 38″ tall by 36″ wide (tip of Heli rotor to bottom of CORCS steel frame).

Click on the image for a larger version!

If you have any feedback, let us know by e-mail or post your comments here.

And big thanks to Phil for his work!


1. Dan Weber` - March 5, 2023


Thanks for putting the design together, I like the figures on the top1 Can this sign be bigger(3 or 4x)? It is of similar size to the exisiting sign and have always felt it was too small to see very well from the road (passing by).