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January 2008 Meeting Minutes Posted: January 15, 2023

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January 2008 Meeting PicsJanuary Meeting Minutes
January 2008

Meeting called to order at 7:10PM.

Wayne offers thanks to Patrick and Tyler for their help in cutting of the fallen limbs and clearing the road.

Wayne mentions that the incident at the field with the dog injured by a visitor’s plane crashing into it was taken to small claims court and judgement found in favor of the dog’s owner to recover the vet bills.

Treasurer’s Report from Jerry Church
Beginning Balance Nov 14, 2022
xxx.xx income
xxx.xx (dues, 1 hat, 1 init fee)

Sharpcut Lawn Service - xxx.xx
Website - xxx.xx

Certificate of Deposit (init fee) - xxx.xx

ending balance: xxx.xx
Certificate of Deposit: xxx.xx

6 paid members.

Vice President Dan Weber - Dan mentions that a fence or something could be installed between the spectator benches and the pits to prevent incidents like the one above. Eric Wenger moves that a survey of the field be undertaken to see how it measures up to the AMA’s recommendations and consider potential changes. The motion passes.

Frequencies: Wayne wants to discuss the ban on certain frequencies at CORCS. He would like to do away with the ban and allow people to fly on them. He argues that the banned channels are no more subject to interference than any other of the 72MHz channels and that other channels get “hits” too. The membership in attendance does not agree. A vote is taken to ban more frequencies.

Channels 20-25 are now banned. Channel 47 is also banned after John Harwell lost his J3 Cub on that channel.

Harwell makes a motion that problem frequencies be identified on the frequency board. The motion passes.

Show and Tell: Eric Wenger brings some photos of his dad flying “Lady Jessie”, an A-4 Skyhawk back in his Navy VA-164 days. “Lady Jessie” has been featured in many advertisements in RC magazines lately for the Alfa A-4 ducted fan.

Gordon brought his cub, which he estimates to have 1500+ flights. He is rebuilding the fuselage from scale drawings.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03.


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