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Radio Interference Update Posted: November 15, 2022

Posted by Webmaster in : Club News, URGENT NOTICES , trackback

In July of last year, some channels in the 72MHz band were suspended from use at CORCS:

FREQUENCIES………23…….24……25……. WILL BE SUSPENDED at C.O.R.C.S. Field until further notice. These frequencies are being spiked every 10 to 20 min. Due to the unsafe characteristics of these channels, for SAFETY… I am suspending…..yes that means DO NOT USE these Frequencies at the Field until we announce that they are clear to fly again. If for any reason a member sees that you are flying any one of these channels, they will ask you nicely to not fly your aircraft. We will appreciate your help in monitoring these channels for the SAFETY of Everyone… Thank you Scott Mayberry Pres.   

Some members were inquiring about this situation and if the problems still existed. The subject was brought up at last night’s meeting. Members who check the scanners regularly said that they are still seeing a lot of “hits” on those channels.

The problem still exists and the ban remains in effect.

Please keep this in mind when flying. A new frequency board is in the works so we can more clearly mark the “no-fly” channels as such.


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