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October 2007 Minutes Posted: October 10, 2022

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Cookout Meeting Prior to the meeting Wayne and Gilbert cooked up hot dogs for everybody. They were outstanding! Thanks to them for taking the effort to make the meeting special!

October Meeting Minutes
October 10, 2022

Called to Order at 6:30pm

President Scott Mayberry - Chad got gravel delivered to the field and graded the road, it looks great and is much improved. Thanks to Chad for the hard work!

Scott has talked to OU about getting the overgrown areas surrounding the field mowed, but so far they haven’t done it.

Vice President Wayne Shalamunec - Club trainer is flying, but the radio and buddy box are severely broken/limited. Rick Page has a transmitter and buddy box he said he would donate to the club for use with the trainer.

Recent Crash - On September 23, a non-member arrived at the field and asked to fly. He was asked for and provided his AMA card and pinned it to the frequency board. He said he had flown before, and we observed him put his plane together, start the engine, check the radio, etc. He took off and immediately went into a loop which ended less than 5 seconds later with the plane crashing nose first at full throttle into the middle of the concrete pad (where spectators sit) amidst 4 or 5 people who only barely managed to get out of the way. Mark Williams’ dog Sadie was hit by the plane and received a severe gash across her throat, requiring a trip to the emergency veterinarian and an expensive bill.

Wayne brings this up as it exhibits the need for more explicit rules on when non-members are or are not allowed to fly . Do we need to make EVERYBODY fly on a buddy box before they can fly solo? This pilot did everything right, up to the point he took off, so what more can we do?

More on this topic will be discussed at the next meeting.

Treasurer Jerry Church -
xxx.xx checking
xxx.xx dues
xxx.xx initiation fees
xxx.xx hats
xxx.xx total

-xxx.xx gravel
-xxx.xx sharp cut mowing service
-xxx.xx to CD
-xxx.xx total

Checking Balance: xxx.xx

xxx.xx beginning balance
xxx.xx deposit
xxx.xx ending balanace

Another Veteran’s Center Float Fly this weekend? Jerry wants to schedule another float fly at the Veteran’s Center. After discussion, it was determined this weekend was the best for a possible float fly. Jerry will double check with the Veteran’s Center for permission for this Sunday, and if we do it, it will be announced on the website.

New business: George Beaver wanted to bring up the issue of spread spectrum radios and the frequency board not having a place for people to put their pins. Though frequency control is not a problem with these radios, we are still required to keep a pin on the board for identification/verification purposes. The folks at the Realm are supposed to be working on a new frequency board for us that includes a space for spread spectrum pins.

September Model of the Month: Gene brought a 20 year old plane, a Corben Super Ace he recently put on floats. It is powered by an Enya 1.20 4-stroke. It started at 10 lbs, with the additional floats it is up to 14 lbs!

October Model of the Month: John Harwell brought a gorgeous Great Planes Piper Cub with fabric covering. He made the maiden flight just before the meeting and it flew like a champ!

Show & Tell: Gordon brought his Nieuport 11 scratch build that he’s working on but not quite finished. It’s powered by a Power 15 brushless outrunner and sports many hand-made scale details. He hopes to finish it for the meeting next month.

Christmas Party: We have reserved the room at Red Lobster for the 2nd Wednesday in December (regular meeting day) from 6:30 to 9:00 for our annual Christmas party.


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