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Frank Eddy’s New F4U Corsair Posted: October 3, 2022

Posted by Webmaster in : Club News , trackback

Frank Eddy’s Corsair Here’s a picture sent by member Frank Eddy of his new F4U Corsair which he is planning to maiden sometime this week (if he hasn’t already). Click the image for a larger version. Looks great, Frank!


1. Frank A. Eddy Sr. - January 14, 2023

Hello everyone:
It is January 14 2008 and for those who are interrested I did the maiden
flight of the corsair this morning.

All went very well. The model accelerated down the runway at a brisk
speed lifted off and stretched for the sky. I retracted the gears and
then it was like heaven. I did the usual, rolls,loops, etc. low flybys,
however I stayed up to long and ran out of fuel. Made a dead stick
landing. A nice approach and end of a great first flight. No flaps were
used on this flight. I’m really looking forward to the next flight.

Frank A. Eddy

2. Webmaster - January 15, 2023

Cool! Can’t wait to see it fly in person!