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September 2007 Minutes Posted: September 12, 2022

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September Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2022

Called to Order at 6:35pm

President Scott Mayberry - Randall Christian cannot fly without a buddy box anymore due to safety concerns.

Vice President Wayne Shalamunec - New VP. Hi Wayne!

Treasurer Jerry Church -
xxx.xx checking
xxx.xx (1 dues, 1 Hat, xxx.xx tax sale proceeds)

-xxx.xx sharp cut mowing service (3 mowings)
-xxx.xx to CD
-xxx.xx total

Checking Balance: xxx.xx

xxx.xx beginning balance
xxx.xx interest
xxx.xx deposit
xxx.xx ending balanace

Chad Stinson says gravel will be delivered on Sunday.

This Sunday - Float Fly at the Norman Veteran’s Center.

Wayne wants to investigate the possibility of constructing some kind of cheap shade over the tables.

September Model of the Month: No winner at this meeting, to be given at October meeting.

Show & Tell: Gordon brought his Nieuport 11 scratch build that he’s working on.

Adjourned @ 6:55.


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