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B-17 “Liberty Belle” Visiting OKC Posted: August 10, 2022

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B-17 “Liberty Belle”CORCS warbird enthusiasts might be excited by this news…

The B-17 bomber “Liberty Belle” is in town this weekend at Wiley Post airport. The public is invited to see the Liberty Belle Saturday and Sunday. Cost to tour the plane is $5 for individuals or $10 per family. According to a news article, ground tours will be available around 9 a.m. both mornings and again in the afternoon after flights are over. Rides onboard the Liberty Belle are $395 for Liberty Foundation members and $430 for non-members. Approximate total time is 45 minutes, with about 30 minutes in the air. To book a flight, call (918) 340-0243.

More information is available online at www.libertyfoundation.org.


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