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August 2007 Minutes Posted: August 8, 2022

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August 2007 Model of the MonthCORCS August 8, 2022
Meeting Minutes
Secretary: Justin Greenfield

Meeting Started at 6:30pm, President Scott Mayberry presiding.

President’s Report: Certificate of Insurance has come in and is in Scott’s possession.

Cross Country is upcoming on August 25, will make arrangements with Jerry Short. Stay tuned to the website for details.

A motion was made to appoint a new Vice President, effective immediately, to replace Patrick Kimmel who has stepped down due to his other commitments. Wayne Shalamunec was elected unanimously by those in attendance.

Chris Banks is going to do some work on the road which has suffered terribly from the heavy rains earlier this summer. He has been authorized to purchase some gravel to fill in the parts that have washed out.

Treasurer’s Report

July Financial Statement
xxxx.xx Beginning balance
xxxx.xx income (xxx.xx 4th of July event, xxx.xx dues)
-xxxx.xx for 24 hats
-xxxx.xx Sharp Cut Mowing
-xxxx.xx Meat to Matt Farmer
-xxxx.xx to Certificate of Deposit
xxxx.xx Checking
xxxx.xx Certificate of Deposit

August Financial Statement
xxxx.xx Beginning balance
xxxx.xx income (xxx.xx dues, xxx.xx init fees, xxx.xx hats)
-xxxx.xx Sharp Cut mowing
- xxxx.xx to Certificate of Deposit
xxxx.xx checking balance
xxxx.xx C/D

74 Members Total

Model of the Month: Philip DelNero won for his Extreme Flight Extra 300, 45″ wingspan, powered by a Torque 2818-900 electric motor, 35A Phoenix ESC and 3S2100 lipoly battery. All up weight is 2lbs.  He says he has probably 350 flights on this airframe since he got it late last year.


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