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July 2007 Meeting Minutes Posted: July 11, 2023

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Though we gathered for a meeting tonight, our regularly scheduled meeting turned into an impromptu work day for the club in light of the mass of fallen tree limbs. The only official business we managed to complete was to award the Model of the Month to young master Ryan Farmer who showed his World Models Sky Raider.

Ryan’s Sky Raider is powered by an OS .46AX glow engine. Ryan has been flying it for the last few weeks with the help of his dad. Good job Ryan!

We also have a late addition to this month’s event schedule: Chad Stinson wants to host a float fly at his house on July 22.  Be there!

The rest of the meeting time was spent cleaning up the mess left behind by the storm earlier this week. Several members brought tools to help cut the fallen limbs and trailers to haul away the debris.

Sadly, a good portion of the shade that we have enjoyed for so many years is now gone and what’s left may not be around for long. We’ll have to see how the remaining trees recover. Thanks to everybody who pitched in and helped out with the chain saws, hauling off of debris and sweat. For more pictures, check out this gallery.


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