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May 2007 Minutes Posted: May 9, 2023

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CORCS May 9, 2023
Meeting Minutes
Secretary: Justin Greenfield

Meeting Started at 6:45pm, President Scott Mayberry presiding.

1st order of business: Safety reminder. Farris & Harwell were buzzed by a plane at the last float fly and wanted to remind everyone that if a plane is not flying properly it is better to point it into the dirt than take a chance to save it if it has any chance of hitting a person.

Memorial Day Airshow - Monday, May 28.

Doc will coordinate the flying groups.
Flying groups/tasks are assigned as follows:
Jerry Short - Warbirds
Gordon - electrics
Patrick/Chad - flight line & safety
Wayne - Trainers
Chris - Sport
Frank - Biplanes
George - Old timers/candy drop
Justin/Dan - float planes
Morris - virtual plane rides via goggles
Entire club - will prepare the field Saturday/Sunday by roping off the pits, etc.

Portable restrooms have been reserved for the event.
BBQ concession (same as last year) will return this year.

Sooner Magic Air Show Team will fly again this year. They do not know at this time how many pilots they will bring, but they will definitely bring their PA system. Bottom line is that the CLUB has to fly more this year than last year.

All members should post on the website what planes that they’ll be bringing and flying for the show.

Jerry Church is in charge of signage and stuff. We’ll put up the signs on Saturday.

Dan is in charge of making flyers.

Justin will do the programs.


OU Aerospace Camp will be using the field for launching model rockets on Father’s Day June 19 from 9-11AM.


Treasurer Jerry Church:
XXX.XX checking account
XXX.XX income
XXX.XX checking balance

XXX.XX to certificate of deposit (new member)
XXX.XX CD balance.

60 members.

Model of the Month for May: Jerry Short with his Hangar 9 PTS F-22 Raptor.
Model of the Month for March: Wayne Shalamunec for this 6′ Telemaster electric.


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