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February 2007 Minutes Posted: February 14, 2023

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CORCS February 14, 2023
Meeting Minutes
Secretary: Justin Greenfield

Meeting Started at 7:30pm, Vice President Patrick Kimmel presiding.  Scott was unable to attend and we were locked out of the Aviation Classroom, so we moved the meeting to the airport lobby at Westheimer.

Officer’s report

Vice President Patrick Kimmel:  Noticed more frequent incidents of pilots flying over the pits, which is prohibited, and reminded everyone to keep safe and stay out away from the pits when flying.

Secretary Justin Greenfield: Nothing to report.
Dan Weber: 1 tax lien left to renew, would cost about $600 to renew and the property would become ours if the owner doesn’t pay up by October 1.  Motion to maintain the lien passes.

Treasurer Gerry Church:  Sent out membership packets to unpaid members.  Added a paragraph to the rules sheet regarding spread spectrum radios:  (paraphrasing) “When flying with a Spektrum-type radio please be sure to put your membership pin on the frequency board.”

We will add an area to the frequency board for spread spectrum radios.  Remember, besides frequency control (which isn’t an issue with spread spectrum), we use the board to determine who is allowed to fly, and we must stick to the rule that when flying at CORCS you must put up your pin or your AMA card.

Begin balance $XXXX.XX
Income (dues) $XXX.XX
$XXX.XX to gerry church - printing, stamps, membership pins

Checking account balance: $XXXX.XX
Certificate of Deposit paid interest: $XXXX.XX
C/D balance: $XXXXX.XX

Show and Tell: Jerry Short told of the Dawn Patrol Rendezvous held every year in Dayton, OH.  Full-scale WWI planes fly-in and R/C WWI planes fly the majority of the time.  This year’s Dawn Patrol is Sept. 21-23, Dayton, OH.  That same weekend in Columbus, OH is a full-scale Mustang fly-in and they expect to get as many as 100 full-scale P-51’s.  Wow!

Dan Weber: Bought 11 planes at the Wichita swap meet a couple of weeks ago.  Bought so many planes he had to leave early because he ran out of room to haul anymore stuff.  Brought 2 really nice planes to show: Balsa USA Smoothie, came w/4 servos, bargain at $45, also brought a Midwest ME-109.  Other planes he bought at the swap meet included an electric glider, J3 Cub, Midget Racer, Thunder Tiger Seamaster, SportMaster, Sweet Stick, Sig Kougar.  Dan said he will have 3 of these new planes ready to fly by Sunday!

Model of the Month: Patrick Kimmel brought a Goldberg Sukhoi that he re-coverd in a Honda scheme.  All lettering and trim was hand cut with an x-acto knife and applied by hand.  Plane includes a smoke system and an Evolution 26 gas engine.

Meeting adjoured about 8:30 PM


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