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November 2006 Minutes Posted: November 15, 2022

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November 2006 CORCS MEETING
Notes By Dan Weber

President Report

Elections, new field possibility and Christmas party on the agenda, see below.

No report

Nothing new to report.  Previous minutes were approved.

No income or expenses, balances remain the same as last month.

Web Master
Please pass on your pictures for posting on the web (also model of the

Field Manager
No report

Combat report
ARF combat wings are available at the Realm

Other items
Electric racer 26 inch wing, 150mph with a fiberglass fuse and carbon
fiber wing components.
Launching procedure: throw it hard, turn around and run away”

Old Business

New Business

Jim’s mother at the Realm is open to the idea of leasing CORCS a piece of the proposed 88 acres purchase near Washington for approximately $50/month for 25 years.  CORCS would need to build the runway and other needed structures.

Nominations and elected officials:
President: Scott Mayberry
Vice Pres: Patrick Kimmel
Treasurer: Jerry Church
Field Man: Chad Stinson and Chris Banks

Christmas Party site will be determined in the next week or two.
and sent out via email etc.

A fun fly is scheduled for this Sunday (nov 12th) from 1-5pm (pot

Doc and 4 others went to watch jets fly…Andy took video, and we should
show video at a club meeting.

Show and tell…
1/4 scale bipe partially built was featured today, an OS FRS 300 will be
installed that will swing a 22×4 prop (don’t recall the member, Jerry Short?)

Model of the Month:
Phaton II biplane built by Dan Weber.  The aircraft was purchased at a South
Mike’s swap meet a few years ago in the bones and was completed and covered
in red and white monocote.  The model weighs 4.25 lbs with a SuperTigre GS 40.
Dan reports that the model needs wing struts installed near the wing tips
as a high speed dive “moves the wings around a bit”.


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