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October 2006 Minutes Posted: October 11, 2022

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At the CORCS Field
(Notes furnished by Justin Greenfiled and posted by Dan Weber)
October 11, 2022

Started at 6:30.

Presidents Report (Scott Mayberry):

Reminder to club members to post their pins on the frequency board when flying.

Officer nominations mentioned, no action taken.

Asked about choosing xmas party venue?

Motion to make a video for the website.  approved.
Matt Farmer will make the video.

Doc will contact Greg from Sooner Magic Airshow team to get names for the

VP. Report (Sean) :

1 crash on sunday

Members still reporting problems with channels 23-26

Wayne read a review of the Hobbico scanners, the reviewer mentioned that his
unit was reporting false hits on channels 24 and 25.  Wayne called Hobbico
about it, they had heard of no problems.

Secretary Report D. Weber): Absent but notes were provided to the club
Tax lien reimbursed. only one remains…comes due in October 2007.  Updated the Roster and uploaded to the web site.

Tres. Report (Jerry Church)

xxx.xx property tax from Dan  (one tax lien remains)
xxx.xx lawn mowing
xxx.xx website
xxx.xx total

xxx.xx in certificate of deposit

New Business:

Monday October 16 at 7 PM the Boy Scouts will be using the field for their
Space Exploration program to launch rockets.

Gordon brings up putting wind breakers on the shelter to block the wind this
winter.  Matt Farmer volunteered to make some for the cost of materials.

Motion approved.

Thanks to Gilbert for bringing out new trash barrels.

Look into possible new venue for winter meetings?

Other Clubs Events:

Shawnee club will have a fly-in at the Prague airport on October 28th, $10
landing fee, includes lunch.  Sooner Magic will be performing.

Model of the Month entries:


Jerry Church - Ercoupe, scratch built from 1961 plans, .10 size engine

Other entries:

Frank Eddy - Hangar 9 P-40 ARF w/Saito 100, gift from his wife, crashed and repaired.

Randall Christian - LT-40, kit, OS46 engine, built with help from Frank, first kit

Next meeting at the North Campus.  6:00 dinner at Ozzie’s, meeting at 7:00.

Adjourn at 7:05


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