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September 2006 Minutes Posted: September 13, 2022

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CORCS September 13, 2022
Meeting Minutes
Secretary: Dan Weber

Meeting Started at 6:30 pm, President Scott Mayberry presiding…

Officer’s report

President Scott Mayberry:  We are still getting interference on Channels 23,24,25,26.  We are still investigating possible interference from engineering students at OU and other sources.

Vice President Sean Atteberry:  No report.

Treasurer: Jerry Church:
Beginning checking account balance   +xxx.xx
Income (dues)                        +xxx.xx
Expenses                             -xxx.xx scanners
Balance                                     +xxx.xx
CD                                  +xxx.xx unchanged

Secretary Dan Weber: July and August minutes have been posted on the club web site.  Thanks to Rick Page for taking the August meeting minutes The CORCS roster has been updated and hard copies will be distributed at the October meeting.

Field Manager (Chris Banks): No Report

Web Page Manager (Justin Greenfield):  No Report

New business:

We have a club fun fly (potluck) scheduled for September 24 1-5pm Sunday.  Events for the fun fly will follow in an email.

Old business:

The issue of putting the initiation fees from new members was brought up again.  The officers will perform a budget analysis to see if the club can put this revenue into the CD without impacting the current or future club activities.  A report will be prepared and presented to the club at the next meeting.

The veterans float fly is scheduled for Saturday September 16, at 9am.  Directions
were distributed to the club at the meeting.   Approximately 8 pilots volunteered to fly Saturday.

Show and Tell:

John Zimmerman  Great Planes floats fiberglass floats 40 sized are too cheaply made to invest money into…$75.  There is minimal support inside to the floats.  John and other members recommend the Great Planes balsa kits for good quality floats.

Gordon brought a scratch built electric 36 inch wingspan 12.75 oz  balsa aircraft.  Gordon in not sure what type of aircraft it is modeled after, he made the plans and then built the aircraft.  It was covered with green monocote (some clear).

Model of the Month Winner:

Winner… Gordon with a scratch-built Spitfire, E-flite Park 480.  The nose has been replaced and the retracts are Great Planes 10 sized.  The model is covered in camo.
Gordon has problems with speed control, couldn’t handle several servos and caused the crashes.  Gordon started production on the aircraft.  The plans including the canopy hatches were all designed and build by Gordon.

Patrick entered a Hotrod Harmon Rocket, a modified RV4, with an OS 46AX. The rocket is an ARF and contains a motor that was salvaged from his ultimate biplane.

Combat report.


7:21 pm  Meeting adjourned…


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