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August 2006 Minutes Posted: August 9, 2022

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CORCS August 9, 2022
Meeting Minutes
Secretary: Dan Weber
Minutes Taken by Rick Page

Meeting Started at 6:38 pm, President Scott Mayberry presiding…

Officer’s report

President Scott Mayberry:  Investigating possible interference from engineering students at OU.

Vice President Sean Atteberry:  No report.

Treasurer: Jerry Church:
Beginning checking account balance   +xxx.xx
Income (dues)         +xxx.xx
Expenses          -xxx mowing
-xxx scanners
Balance                xxx.xx
CD             xxx.xx unchanged

Secretary Dan Weber: No report (on vacation)

Field Manager (Chris Banks): No Report

Web Page Manager (Justin Greenfield):  No Report

New business:
Brian & Aaron Pitts - new members

Question raised as to whether initiation fees should be funneled into general fund or directly into CD, tabled for now.

Old business:


Show and Tell:

None reported

Model of the Month Winner:

Aaron/Brian Pitts with an LT-40, ST-40 engine and Futaba radio (winner)
Gordon with scratch-built Spitfire, E-flite Park 480 (also ran)
Combat report.


7:16 pm  Meeting adjourned…


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