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Frequencies Suspended for Use Posted: July 14, 2023

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FREQUENCIES………23…….24……25……. WILL BE SUSPENDED at C.O.R.C.S. Field until further notice. These frequencies are being spiked every 10 to 20 min. Due to the unsafe characteristics of these channels, for SAFETY… I am suspending…..yes that means DO NOT USE these Frequencies at the Field until we announce that they are clear to fly again. If for any reason a member sees that you are flying any one of these channels, they will ask you nicely to not fly your aircraft. We will appreciate your help in monitoring these channels for the SAFETY of Everyone… Thank you Scott Mayberry Pres.


Channels 20-25 and channel 47 are suspended from use by club vote at the January 2008 meeting.


1. Webmaster - June 5, 2023

A report from Bill Baker about problems with channel 55, proceed with caution:

From: william l baker
Subject: twilight zone

recently I had the experience that the Beaver labled “twilight zone “at CORCS: basicly neither of my channel 55 radios would operate my Buzzer, which is an “Old Faithful “if I ever had one . The HiTec 7 radio I sent back to California, ( it had been there a few months ago) as it would not operate any function on the reciever and the five channel “Flash X ” would operate the servos but not the throttle. A day or so later I checked and the 5 channel would operate all functions normally.Today I took the same model out to CORCS and flew with the 5channel with rock solid control. I even took it up pretty high and collapsed the antenna, a good range check, as control response was still solid.Since it is not an equipment failure (the 7 channel Tx excepted) it has to be some rf being transmitted from somewhere.Maybe the Lloyd Noble balloon flyers are now using 55 ?Or is there a more powerful source splattering over several frequencies ?

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