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May 2006 Minutes Posted: May 10, 2023

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CORCS May 10, 2023
Meeting Minutes
Secretary: Dan Weber

Meeting Started at 6:30pm, President Scott Mayberry presiding…

Officer’s report

President Scott Mayberry:

(See new business)

Vice President Sean:  Reported that Chad lost his P38 in a crash at the field.  Sean reminded everyone to check the frequency board for conflicts and to make sure that no one else is using your frequency when you turn your radio on.
Treasurer: Jerry Church:
Checking account balance xxxx.xx
Income (dues)         xxx
Expenses          xxx.xx
xx.xx  Andy for paint
xxx.xx Dan for tax investment
Balance         xxxx.xx
CD          xxxxx.xx unchanged

Secretary’s Report (Dan Weber): Updated the roster on the web site (xls capability has been installed thanks to Justin!), uploaded the 2006 CORCS schedule of events, and approved the minutes.  Dan brought the CORCS t-shirts for those that participated in the 2006 CORCS field day.

Field Manager (Chris Banks): Ordered the portapotties for the airshow.  Mike provided the rock and Chad spread the rock to smooth out the CORCS driveway and parking lot.  Scott reported that Mike Bastings lost mowing equipment due to theft and will mow the property ASAP.

Web Page Manager (Justin Greenfield):  Nothing new to report

New business:

Upcoming Events:
May 13th Float Fly Matt Farmers Pond.  The event will be held from 1-5pm this Saturday at Matt’s pond.  Bring a dish/pot luck.

May 29th CORCS Airshow Planning continues (see old business)

Chief instructor Rick Page welcomes the newest soloed pilot Philip Delnero to the Club

Old business:

We will follow last year’s air show schedule with the following modifications:
substitute helicopters with biplanes
add Sooner Magic components to the aerobatic, warbird, and candy drop sections
(includes rc parachutists, AMA certified show team)

The Presidents “To Do” List: (revised the group leader list, see below)
1.   Airshow planning
a.   Committee  Scott, Jerry Church, Tyler, Chad, Gilbert, Ernie
2.   Group leaders:
a.   Warbirds: Frank Eddy/Jerry Short
b.   Electrics:  Gordon
c.   Sport: Tom Wood/Joey
d.   Aerobatic: Greg Dial
e.   Combat: Eric
f.   Trainers: Rick Page
g.   Old timers/Gliders: Ernie, George Beaver
h.   Biplanes: Jerry Short
i.   Candy Drop: Dan and George
3.   PA System: Rick Page
4.   Concessions: Jerry Church
5.   Radio Impound: Sean
6.   Parking: Boyscouts, Andy and James Fracica
7.   Portable Toilets: Chris Banks
8.   Publicity: Dan Weber and Jim Traw

Show and Tell: Gordon brought a balsa framed up version of his 1939 Spitfire plans printed from his paint program.  Other show and tell’s included Justin’s Electric Messerschmitt, Eric’s Speed 400 pylon racer and Jerry Short’s Open-B Spad combat aircraft with a split tail.

Model of the Month Winner:
Philip Delnero
Hanger-9 P51 ARF trainer  ‘Marie’ aluminum and yellow, the speed brakes can be removed.  The flaps are either up or down, but can become functional with additional hardware.  Radio is JR and the model weighs 6.5-7lbs.  It is powered by an Evolution Alpha engine (unknown size 40ish) that is flywheel equipped and was nose heavy.  The package came with a simulator and DVD instruction booklet.

No combat report.

7:20pm  Meeting adjourned…


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