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April 2006 Minutes Posted: April 12, 2023

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CORCS April 12, 2023
Meeting Minutes
Secretary: Dan Weber

Meeting Started at 6:30pm

President Scott Mayberry presiding…

Officer’s report
Vice President Sean:  has not been to the field for a while , no report
Treasurer: Jerry Church:
Checking account
Ending balance     xxxxxxx
Certificate of Deposit    xxxxxxxxx
Paid AMA Charter renewal
More new members - exact number not known at this time

Secretary’s Report (Dan Weber): Paid 2005 taxes on the remaining (2) tax (2004) liens, 640.95 up $500 from the 2004 taxes due to an addition of a mobile home on one of the properties.   (the club originally approved approximately $100 allotment to pay the 2005 taxes during a previous - Jan. meeting).  Moved and approved the March 2006 minutes.  Can we get the .xls file extension upload capability on the web?  Dan will supply Justin with the CORCS 2006 events schedule.

Field Manager (Chris Banks/Chad Stinson): Scott provided report: rock was laid down on the road, the holes in the road were filled.  Field day has been reschedule for Saturday April 22 from 2-4pm.  Andy will supply a paint stripper and trees will be trimmed and shipped on site and the roof to the shelters repaired.  Runways will also be sealed.

Web Page Manager (Justin Greenfield):  Justin will update the web page to accept .xls files (Excel spreadsheets)

No president report:  (See new/old business)

New business:

Upcoming Events:
May 13th Float Fly Matt Farmers Pond
May 29th CORCS Airshow

Old Business:

The Presidents “To Do” List:
1.   Airshow planning
a.   Planning committee  Scott, Jerry Church, Tyler, Chad, Gilbert, Ernie
2.   Group leaders:
a.   Warbirds: Frank Eddy
b.   Electrics:  Gordon
c.   Sport: Tom Wood
d.   Aerobatic: Greg Dial
e.   Combat: Eric
f.   Trainers: Doc
g.   Old timers/Gliders: Ernie, George Beaver
h.   Biplanes: Jerry Short
i.   Candy Drop: Dan and George
3.   PA System: Rick Page
4.   Concessions: Jerry Church
5.   Radio Impound: Sean
6.   Parking: Boyscouts, Andy and James Fracica
7.   Portable Toilets: ?
8.   Publicity: ?

Show and Tell: Gordon brought a set of 1939 Spitfire plans printed from his paint program.  These are generic plans.

Model of the Month Winners:
March winner: Andy Fracica with his Electric Kyosho Stearman, Specs: Eflite E46 electric motor (equivalent to a 46 gas motor), required 8 hours to assemble, can go vertical!, 8500-9000rpm with a 12×6 WOOD prop and pulls 32-42 amps.  3600mah battery, flys on one pack for 10+ minutes at ½ throttle.  The model was balanced nose heavy.

April winner: Ernie Willis for his newly built Bipe…a Pacific Models ARF.  Ernie’s bipe is powered by an OS 40 FS and weighs in at about 4 lbs.  It uses a pull-pull system for the tail feathers.

Combat report:  Eric and several CORCS members competed in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas nationals.  Eric, Dan, Chad, and Hiak competed in the Open B (Sunday) and Eric and Chad in the SSC category.  CORCS Open B places included Eric 3rd (behind his data Evan 1st!), Chad 13th, Dan 18th, and Hiak 21st.  Eric placed 2nd in the SSC competition on Saturday.    Two cuts separated 1st and 3rd in the Open B competition.  All CORCS pilots flew the avenger class aircraft.  Eric had some trouble carrying enough fuel to last a full round and will be recalibrating his aircraft.  A fall competition is in the planning stages.

7:20pm  Meeting adjourned…


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