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March 2006 Minutes Posted: March 8, 2023

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CORCS March 8, 2023
Meeting Minutes
Secretary: Dan Weber

Meeting Started at 7:00pm

President Scott Mayberry presiding…

Officer’s report
Vice President Sean: has not been to the field for a while , no report
Treasurer: Jerry Church:
Checking account
Beginning balance xxxx
Income xxx dues xx cash contribution
Expenses xxx Norman stamp
Ending balance xxxxxx
Certificate of Deposit xxxxxx

Membership renewal: 57 paid members up to today

Secretary’s Report (Dan Weber): Send Dave Brown an email discussing the proposed solutions. Need to check on the status of the CORCS 2005 Tax liens. I picked up the Hobbytown tshirts, no sales. Moved and approved the February 2006 minutes.

Field Manager (Chris Banks/Chad Stinson): Chad…for field day need a wood chipper and tree trimming tools, paint is not needed. Need tar to seal the runway cracks and repair fence material. We will get two loads of millings for use in the low spots on the road. Can also bring a box blade. We will meet Sunday for planning of rock material. Request new bids for the lawn care for the calendar year (current $75/ averaging 2-3 cuts per month)

Web Page Manager (Justin Greenfield): flycorcs.com is the new website name. Justin purchased this due to the problem getting the old domain transferred. The old site corcs.com will direct you to the new site domain. Email list has been created, is it safe? Justin says not 100% but it is hard for the spammer to get in.
Eric suggested that we add an email listing for the officers.

No president report: (See new business)

Old business:
Rick page: Had problems with the instructors links on the web. Will try again. We have a list of the instructors and now we need a list of students: Villy trafalis and Roger Kinneky (?) were mentioned as current students.

Do we need to include a link to contact the instructor general (rick)? We should create student flying cards showing their status….(Jim Farris has one on his wall, hehehe).
Reminder for the float fly: Saturday March 11 at Chad’s Place, 1pm-5pm potluck, lunch at 1:30pm

Map for the Ft Worth lone star nationals (formally Paris, TX) is on the web site (Eric)

New business:
Scott: do we have a newsletter editor? Answer: no too much time….Joe had a column at one time (as the prop turns)

Upcoming Events:
Chad’s March 11 float fly/pot luck see above
Chad suggested pylon racing at the field this fall?

The Presidents “To Do” List:
1. airshow planning
2. instructor program setup
3. combat
4. mailbox for application forms will use the newsletter box.

Show and Tell Electric Stearman: Eflite motor $130, $150 battery pack. 46 sized equivalent with 5lbs of static thrust using a 14.8 v4cell lipo pack. Full throttle goes for 6 minutes, ½ throttle 15+minutes Kyosho ARF blue yellow red and white trim has not been flown yet.

Model of the Month Winner: none this month, deferred to April.

Combat report: Eric several people are flying the avenger 8-10 aircraft (6-7 guys) planning for the ft worth meet…don’t let the wind bother you, most participants can’t do it, thus we will have an advantage if we practice in the wind.

7:55pm Meeting adjourned…


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