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February 2006 Minutes Posted: February 8, 2023

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February 8, 2023

Meeting Minutes

Secretary: Dan Weber

7:15pm Meeting Start

President Scott Mayberry presiding…

Officer’s report

Vice President Sean: not been at the field for three weeks…due to surgery

Treasurer: Jerry Chuch:

Checking account

Beginning balance xxx

Income xxx xxx in dues + 1 hat (xxx)

Expenses xxx

Ending balance xxx

Certificate of Deposit xxx we had an interest dividend of xxx (3.4%)

Membership renewal: 28 paid members up to today

Secretary’s Report (Dan Weber): reported on the tax lien’s two paid two remain, need to purchase 2005 taxes for the remaining lien’s. Sean picked up 2005 air show t-shirts from the Realm, Dan will pick up the remaining 2005 air-show t-shirts from Hobbytown. Moved and approved the January 2006 minutes.

Field Manager (Chris Banks/Chad Stinson): Chris has not been out to the field, Chad will empty the trash bins. Chris reported that a potential new member was turned away from the club. This brought up the idea of putting together a mailbox for holding the new year’s application.

Web Page Manager (Justin Greenfield): for sale/wanted forum has been added due to a request.

No president report: (See new business)

Old business:

Tax liens for the 2005 year will be purchased by Dan for the remaining CORCS 2004 tax liens

Associate membership: reserved for spouses/family members

Honorary membership for non-flying memberships, the club officers will vote to include Bob Steward as an honorary member.

New business:

Upcoming Events:

Chad proposed a March 11 float fly/pot luck

Feb 25-6 armory extreme 3d aerobatic champship indoor , Sean McMurtry will be there 25th will be the competition and the 26th an open fly day.

The Presidents “To Do” List:

1. Compose a list of trainers/instructors Do we want to consider an incentive

program to help obtain trainers?

2. The following members volunteered to be trainers: Rick Page, Jerry Church,

Sean Attebery, Scott Mayberry, Chad Stinson, John Harwell, Jim Farris, Jerry Butts,

Mike Anderson, and Dan Weber

3. The club voted Rick Page as chief instructor for 2006. Rick will document/run

the training program (with help from the members)

4. Develop an instructor program to put on the web, Rick will research some of

the other clubs certifying pilots of current members.

5. Consider special pin status for students and trainers with instructor label put on

the pin.

6. Investigate Baxter’s on-line instruction materials

7. Install a mail box at the field with application materials

8. Prepare a CORCS 2006 Event listing

9. Reminder members: Pay dues or lose flying privileges

10. Propose that the annual CORCS work/field day be March 18th from 2-6 pm

Model of the Month Winner: Matt farmer with a VMAR Beaver ARF with a GMS .61 60 sized floats replaced the original 45 size floats. The model is white with yellow and black trim. This gem is Matt’s only flying aircraft, for the past 2 years!

Chris Banks also displayed a SIG Sealane powered by a Magnum 46 with yellow and red trim.

8:15pm Meeting adjourned…


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