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January 2006 Minutes Posted: January 11, 2023

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CORCS January 11, 2023
Meeting Minutes
Secretary: Dan Weber

Officer’s report

Vice President Sean: One mishap was reported on Jerry Short’s Pico Duelest, it went in due to one engine failure.

Treasurer Jerry Chuch:
Checking account
Beginning balance $xxx
Income xxx tax sale returns xxx, $xxx fro pictures sales)
Expenses xxx (sharpcut lawn service Oct 10,26 mowings $xxx)
Ending balance xxx
Certificate of Deposit xxx

Membership renewal: 6 members

Secretary’s Report (Dan Weber): Jerry has provided me with the new 2006 membership applications and I will update the computer files and send out the application package in an email. Also, the package will be uploaded to the web site.

Field manager Chris Banks/Chad Stinson: CORCS field looks great and Chad lake is holding the lake level.

Web page manager Justin Greenfield: discussed the web page, members need to reestablish your username and password. The event calendar has been added and now members can add to the calendar. Members can sign up and read the forums and submit pictures to the web pages. Step by step instructions will be added to tell the user how to upload to the gallery. The forum was installed for members only.

No president report.

Old business
Tshirts status: Dan will pick them up and the proceeds at the Realm and Hobbytown
Larry is again running the Realm hobby store.

Combat sanctioned events
Scott asked Eric to describe what is needed to hold a combat AMA certified event.
Eric went over the details of the getting an AMA sanctioned combat event at the
Club field. In general, a 15-25$ for entry fee is charged to pay for streamers, the CD, and a field lunch. We would have to wave the 4 in the air rule to allow more flyer’s per heat (had 13 in the air at one time at the Paris meet) Do we wish to hold an ssc or openb or both events? A new category is limited b, which is open b without the tuned muffler. A new scoring system could be used, in which experienced pilots have a handicap, to allow for more even scoring. We should encourage donations from the local hobby stores for prizes to the top three scorers (at a minimum). We also need to find a sufficient number of judges.

The President (Scott) brought up the following items to consider:
To obtain a new field we need more members in the club to help support a potential acquisition and move.
Add a raffle to the air show
Add a request for donations to the air show

Dan suggested the following for the club to consider:

Build a contact list for new pilot training
Members must pay past due debts to the club before flying (members agreed to this)
Club Incorporation: Dan forwarded an article from Dave Brown at the AMA regarding club incorporation. Jim Traw mentioned that it may not be worth the time and money, quoting a conversation he had with a lawyer. The cost is significant to obtain a proper and complete club incorporation. Dan will contact the AMA to see if they will provide a centralized process/resource for use in club incorporation.

Show and tell none.

Model of the month
Jerry Short won with a D7 bipe. He added guns and a wing to the gear. Once again, he used his building talents to make another set of spoke wheels. A Webra 28 powers the aircraft. The tires are made of concrete caulking. Ucontrol wire make the spokes.

Jerry Short left his folder of the flying fish and photo at the restaurant, but no one reported finding the folder.

Matt Farmer and others performed field and pond maintenance, they installed a ramp at the waters edge and removed a stump from the water.

Other announcements:

The Wichita, KS swap meet in a one day only event this year to be help on Saturday Feb. 11 starting at 8am. Dan expressed interest in attending this event again this year.

meeting adjorned at approximately 8:15pm


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